Thanks to air conditioning, Florida residents can get away from the heat during the warm months and enjoy a cool breeze indoors. This makes your job as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning service worker an important one for many in the Sunshine State. But like many contractor jobs, you have to contend with the risk of personal injury when you service an air conditioning and heating system.

Working on air conditioning and heating units is no easy matter. As Construction Exec explains, without the right training and equipment, you could face such catastrophic injuries as the loss of a limb, damage to the eyes, or even injuries that result in death. The article explains the kinds of risks HVAC workers tend to face on the job.

Hazardous substances

Working with an HVAC unit means laboring with substances that can pose a serious risk to your health if inhaled, ingested or touched on the human skin. These substances include refrigerants, chemicals used to remove mold, and cleaning solutions that contain harmful chemicals or acids.

You have to be careful not only when handling dangerous substances, but also if you work in an enclosed space. Workers can experience dangerous health hazards if trapped in a confined space. You may have to wear breathing gear or at least a dust mask to protect your lungs from inhaling poisonous substances.

Equipment hazards

You could suffer electrocution from working with a heating or a cooling unit. Power tools, wall sockets or power control boxes may also give you an electric shock. Malfunctioning power tools can also inflict severe injury, including burns or mutilation.

Some HVAC workers have to labor with heavy equipment in order to service large heating and cooling units. You may need a lift to reach an HVAC unit. You may also operate a crane to raise or lower heavy equipment. These activities expose you to the kinds of risks many construction workers face, including injuries resulting from the misuse of heavy equipment and falls from great heights.