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Tourists can pose a big risk to cyclists on Orlando’s roads

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Bicycle Safety |

Tourism is one of the biggest sources of revenue in the state of Florida. Orlando, in particular, sees a huge influx of visitors from around the country and all over the world thanks to the proximity of popular attractions.

Unfortunately, all of that tourist traffic could mean that there are many drivers rushing around the streets who may not be familiar with the roads or the vehicle they’re in, checking GPS systems or arguing with children who expect the commute to their entertainment destination to be instantaneous.

Drivers with their minds on their destination or faces turned away from the road may not see others near them, especially when those people aren’t in massive vehicles. In other words, tourists can be a major source of risk for cyclists on the Orlando roads.

Tourists may have to watch for landmarks or truck GPS systems

Not knowing how to properly navigate through an area can lead to bad driving decisions. Quite a few drivers seem to think that staring at a GPS navigation system isn’t as dangerous as looking down at a mobile phone. However, both of these activities take a driver’s eyes and mental focus off of the road.

The same is true for someone desperately watching for roadsides or specific landmarks as they attempt to navigate an unfamiliar city. These people may not see a cyclist until it is too late.

Tourists are also susceptible to overindulging on vacation

Anyone traveling for fun or even work may want to stay out partying at night as a way of enjoying the local nightlife. Obviously, a driver with too much alcohol or recreational drugs in their system presents an immediate risk to other people on the road.

As if that weren’t worrisome enough, hangovers can also impact someone’s focus and driving ability. Even if it is the morning after a wild night out during vacation, a driver may still not be operating at their full capacity. They could easily miss people on bikes, especially because they may not look for them specifically.

Cyclists who get hurt in car crashes, especially car crashes involving out-of-state tourists in rental cars, may need to take aggressive action to protect themselves and seek compensation for the injuries they suffered in the crash. The more you know about your rights, the easier it will be for you to stand up for them as a victim of a negligent driver.


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