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What are common reasons for bicycle accidents?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Bicycle Safety |

Bicyclists in Florida enjoy their roadside pursuits for both health and function. Biking supports cardio conditioning and provides an enjoyable way to commute. Health-conscious bicyclists need to be aware of vehicles, pedestrians and other biking fans, though. A “minor mishap” could lead to tragedy if someone falls off a bike and suffers a head injury. Reviewing data on bike accidents proves reveals that there are common reasons these unfortunate events occur.

Reasons why bicycle accidents happen

Many ill-advised driving behaviors may lead to a bike collision. Passing on the right comes with risks, and the dangers could increase when around bicyclists. A driver that veers right and into a bike lane could cause a disastrous accident.

Sometimes, the driver never hits the bike directly. Rear-ending another vehicle could send the hapless car into a nearby bicycle, leading to someone getting injured.

Drivers may take great care to avoid colliding with other vehicles and bicycles, but they may let their guard down when performing left turns. Hitting a bicyclist at an intersection when making a poorly judged left turn could result in life-changing injuries.

Opening doors when parked or backing out of a driveway seem quite easy. So sometimes, many drivers perform both actions without checking for bicyclists with unfortunate results.

A common tenet of bicycle safety stresses wearing a helmet. Bicyclists who do not wear one may find themselves at risk for a head injury. Sometimes, accidents prove unavoidable, so taking precautions is smart.

Bicycle accidents and liability claims

Drivers that operate their vehicles negligently could cause severe injuries to a bicyclist. Everything from moving violations to distracted and fatigued driving could indicate the negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

It bears mentioning that some bicycle accidents happen because the cyclist did something wrong. When the cyclist is at fault for the accident, an injured driver could file a negligence claim. Interestingly, if the bicyclist carries auto insurance, the possibility exists to file a claim with the provider.

Persons injured after a bicycle accident may need to consult with an attorney. A lawyer could explain a client’s legal options and potentially initiate a lawsuit.


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