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Factors that weigh heavily in frequency of pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Pedestrian Accident |

Pedestrians in Orlando and throughout Florida are in constant danger of being hit by an automobile. Their lack of protection leaves them vulnerable to a litany of challenges. These collisions occur even if pedestrians are adhering to the basics of safety. Understanding the common causes can be useful to avoid them. It can also help when weighing the alternatives in the aftermath.

The top reasons why pedestrian accidents happen

Drivers are responsible for observing their surroundings and adhering to the law. This is especially true when sharing the road with pedestrians. Unfortunately, many drivers commit certain behaviors that raise the chance of an accident. When pedestrians have the right of way, drivers are supposed to allow them to cross. Some, however, ignore that. Statistically, left turns are among the most dangerous maneuvers drivers can make when pedestrians are crossing. Since they are turning in front of traffic coming the other way, drivers could lose focus on pedestrians.

With the rise of cellphones, drivers are constantly checking for text messages, making calls, surfing the web and engaging in distracting activities. Distraction goes beyond handheld devices and extends to changing the radio, using GPS, eating and engaging with passengers. This is undeniably risky for pedestrians. If a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their judgment and reactions are compromised. This jeopardizes pedestrians. Inclement weather or roads that are designed in such a way that visibility is limited can raise the chance of a pedestrian accident.

Seeing assistance after a pedestrian accident can be essential

When justice matters, it is imperative to know the available options. For several reasons, people often make the mistake of not seeking professional help. They may be worried about the cost of legal representation. In personal injury claims, there is usually no charge if the victim does not recover compensation. Getting beyond the hesitation and fear while realizing the value of having skilled guidance is vital.


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