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What are the signs of a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Traumatic brain injuries can devastate Florida residents after a serious accident. If you have a loved one who suffered, it’s important to recognize the signs.

Headaches with increased frequency and intensity

One of the most common signs of a TBI is an increase in headaches. Headaches might appear more frequently and often don’t ease after a few hours with over-the-counter pain medications. They are also more intense and can be felt as pressure in the head and neck. If your loved one has never suffered from migraines and suddenly experiences them regularly, it’s a warning sign.

Sensory issues

Changes to the senses such as blurred vision, tinnitus, sudden hearing loss or taste or smell problems might signify that a person has experienced a TBI. Foods may suddenly have a metallic taste. Ringing in the ears could suddenly occur even when the person hasn’t been exposed to a noisy environment.

Sudden behavioral changes

Suddenly behavioral changes like mood swings, anxiety and depression are often signs of a traumatic brain injury. If your loved one is normally a happy sort but suddenly begins to snap about anything and everything, it’s fair to worry about them. Brain injuriies can lead to noticeable personality changes that could be drastic.

Cognitive problems

Any cognitive problems like slurred speech, memory issues, difficulty reading and problem solving should be taken seriously. These are all signs of a TBI and show that medical treatment is necessary.

Loss of consciousness

If your loved one loses consciousness, you should call 911 so they can get medical attention immediately. TBIs can be serious if they aren’t treated.

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