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5 things to do if you’re in a car wreck

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2023 | Car Accident In Florida |

Florida is home to some of the most popular attractions in the United States, which means that roads are often crowded. That creates an increased likelihood of motor vehicle accidents. If you’re in a car crash, there are some things to do to protect yourself.

Staying calm

Motor vehicle accidents are some of the most stressful things that anyone can face. However, remaining calm in the moments following an accident is crucial. Remaining level-headed in the moments following your accident allows you to remember the other things that you should do.

Getting to safety

If you aren’t injured and your vehicle is drivable, get off the road as quickly as possible. Ideally, you can get your car to a nearby parking lot, but if that’s not possible, get to the shoulder of the road and turn your emergency flashers on. This protects you, your passengers and anyone else involved in the accident from suffering further harm.

Call the authorities

Even if you believe the accident is minor, contact the authorities. In some crowded areas, police don’t respond to minor accidents where there are no injuries, and any involved vehicles are drivable. However, contacting the police is not only a safe thing to do, but in many states, it’s a legal obligation.

Gathering information

Assuming that your motor vehicle accident involved multiple vehicles, get information from any other drivers involved. Get the make and model of the other vehicle, the driver’s name and contact information, the license plate number and their insurance information.

Stay at the scene

If you’re involved in an accident, it’s illegal to leave the scene. All 50 states have laws on their books that make hit-and-runs illegal. Stay at the scene until the police tell you to leave.

Everything that you do in the moments after a car crash revolves around staying calm. Following the rest of these tips allows you to protect yourself physically and financially.


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