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Breaking down the most common causes of automobile accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2023 | Auto Accident |

Your vehicle enables you to drive around Florida to work, run errands and much more. Unfortunately, every driver takes on the risk of being involved in an automobile accident. Whether you cause this collision or it’s the fault of another party, it’s wise to protect yourself by learning about the most common types of car accidents.

T-bone crashes

Stop signs and traffic lights help avoid traffic jams. However, there’s no guarantee that other drivers will pay attention to fast-changing lights or right-of-way laws. When they don’t, people become victims of T-bone crashes. A T-bone collision gets its name from the T-shaped formation of this type of crash. One way to reduce your risk of being in a T-bone crash is to stop at yellow lights rather than speeding through them.

Rear-end accidents

Many accidents involving multiple vehicles are rear-end accidents. This accident happens when a driver hits someone in front of them. Depending on each driver’s reaction time and the overall traffic, a rear-end accident can involve two vehicles or an entire line of automobiles. You can avoid rear-end collisions by leaving plenty of space between you and other drivers.

Single-vehicle collisions

When you picture motor vehicle accidents, it’s common to imagine a car crashing into another vehicle. But things don’t always happen that way. A single-vehicle accident can occur due to wet or icy roads. You can avoid a single-vehicle accident by paying close attention to the road. Also, keep distractions like smartphones out of your reach while driving.

Following a few general steps can help keep people safe after any automobile collision. When an accident happens, get to a safe place and contact emergency medical services immediately.


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