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Injuries caused by parking lot accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Going to a store is a routine part of most everyone’s life and most drivers don’t think twice about pulling into a parking lot. Parking lots, however, can be the site of serious injuries to drivers and pedestrians.

Common accident causes and injuries

There are several common causes of parking lot accidents. These include limited visibility, drivers who are traveling too fast and tight spaces, which can all lead to an accident. Also, accidents can result from distracted driving, disregarding traffic signs and failing to yield.

Even if an accident does not happen at a high speed, it can still cause an injury. A driver may suffer whiplash if they are hit from behind, causing symptoms like headaches, neck pain and stiffness. They can also suffer strains and sprains in their muscles, ligaments and tendons and fractures in their arms and legs from the impact.

Cuts and scrapes can happen when a person is hit by broken glass and in serious situations, a parking lot accident can cause a head injury.

Pursuing damages

A driver or passenger who is hurt in a parking lot accident may suffer monetary damages in addition to physical injuries.

If the injured person needs medical care, they may have to pay expensive medical bills. They may also have lost wages if they missed work or had their hours reduced while they recover. They may also have pain and suffering from the accident and emotional distress.

The amount of damages the injured person may be awarded depends on the circumstances of the accident.


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