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Common causes of truck accidents in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2024 | Trucking Accidents |

Despite advances in safety in recent years, Florida drivers still face the risk of a serious truck accident. An accident with a large truck can cause major injuries for drivers of smaller vehicles.

Most drivers get nervous driving around large trucks on the road. Heavy trucks moving at a high speed mean the impact of a crash is severe. Trucks also have blind spots that can lead to smaller vehicles being crushed against guardrails or pushed off the road.

There are typically the same common factors involved in these types of truck accidents.

Distracted driving continues to cause many truck accidents

Truckers face serious penalties for distracted driving, but that does not prevent it from happening.

Truck drivers spend most of their lives on the road. This means they often engage in distracted driving more than the average driver.

Between the many hours on the road and strict deadlines to meet, truckers are sometimes forced to eat or drink while driving. Additionally, the long hours can lead to boredom, result in truckers using cell phones or even watching videos while driving.

Drivers who are not distracted could still be drowsy, which is another common cause of truck accidents. Almost all of us get drowsy when driving long hours on the road. Truckers are especially susceptible to this with all the hours on the road.

Tight deadlines increase the risk of truck accidents

There are laws that require truckers to take regular rest breaks, but that does not mean truckers always follow them. Skipping rest breaks is sometimes a way to stay on schedule when truckers are in danger of missing their deadlines.

Falling behind schedule also leads to reckless driving. Truckers who are stressed or in a hurry may speed, run red lights or tailgate other drivers.

Truck drivers sometimes use stimulants to stay awake or take prescription painkillers while on the road. When these substances are abused, it leads to impaired driving which places other drivers at risk.

Trucking companies have a legal duty to send their drivers out with safe vehicles and truckers are responsible for properly inspect their vehicles before taking theme out on the road.

However, many trucks still end up on the roads with poor tires, weak brakes and other mechanical problems. This leads to dangerous road conditions for all drivers on the road.

All these behaviors are negligent driving

Many truck accidents in Florida are caused by negligence by the truck driver or the trucking company.

If you are in an accident with a truck, it is important to seek treatment immediately. You should then take action to obtain compensation for your damages.

The trucking company is likely going to try to find ways to minimize its losses and blame you for causing the accident. Building a strong case against them can help you protect your interests and right to compensation.


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